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Jade Oil

Jade Oil - Displaces residual moisture and humidity from metal surfaces.Displaces residual moisture and humidity from metal surfaces.

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Liberon Jade Oil displaces moisture from the surface of metals. It is ideal to dry metals after using Liberon Antiquing Fluid or Haematite Cold Patinating fluid. Jade Oil will also help retard tarnishing after polishing by depositing a thin protective film on the surface of the metal.




How to use

Dry the surface of the metal with a soft cloth.

Wipe a soft cloth/cotton wool soaked in Jade Oil over the whole surface, or apply with a spray. Allow to dry for 24 hours without handling.

Metals to be handled frequently after using Jade Oil may be treated with Black Bison Wax or Liberon Finishing Oil for extra protection.

Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for colour, compatibility and end result.

1L = 16-20m²

Pack Size

Drying Time
Minimum 24 hours

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