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Gesso - Ready-made preparation for sealing surfaces prior to gold or metal leafing.Ready-made preparation for sealing surfaces prior to gold or metal leafing.

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Liberon Gesso is a traditional Gesso preparation that is ready to use as a surface coating prior to gilding, to repair gilt frames, or as a glue to join broken pieces of old gesso or plaster and then fill any missing parts.




How to use

Heat using a bain marie until the Gesso becomes warm and fluid.

Apply successive coats with a brush until required level is reached. Each coat can be applied as soon as the previous one is cold. After a few hours the Gesso will set hard and can then be smoothed carefully with a very fine abrasive.

When using the Gesso with metal leaf wet the Gesso to reactive its adhesive properties prior to laying the metal leaf.

Red and white

Pack Size
30ml BP, 250ml

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