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Garden Furniture Cleaner for Resin

Garden Furniture Cleaner for Resin - Removes dirt, grease and scuff marks.Removes dirt, grease and scuff marks.

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Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner is a non-aggressive cleaner for the regular maintenance of resin garden furniture. It will remove general dirt and stubborn marks without damaging the surface. Suitable for most types of resin furniture Liberon Garden Furniture Cleaner restores lustre to the surface and leaves a matt finish.




How to use

Preparation Shake/stir well before use. Brush down the furniture to remove all surface dust and dirt. Application For general cleaning add approximately 200 ml of Garden Furniture Cleaner to 5 L of warm water. Wash the furniture using a cloth or sponge, rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry. To remove stubborn marks treat the affected area with a small amount of neat Garden Furniture Cleaner, using a soft scrubbing brush or cloth. To aid drying time wipe over with a dry cloth. Important: Always test product on a spare surface or inconspicuous area for compatibility and end result. Cleaning and maintenance Repeat cleaning procedure as and when required.

200 ml in 5 L of water

Pack Size

Drying Time
Min 30 minutes

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