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Repair and Prepare

Clean, strip, remove stains, repair, fill... Simple, but essential tasks for giving a second lease of life to old furniture.

Retouch and Revive

Nourish, shine, cover up scratches and remove marks. Little things that help keep the original beauty of furniture.

Colour with wax and dye

By colouring wood you give it depth and contrast. Re-create an old look or make something completely original.

Wax Finishes

Rediscover the authenticity of furniture of bygone years. A wax finish nourishes the wood giving it an unparalleled warmth and patina.

Oil Finishes

Oil allows you to retain the bare, matt and natural look of wood. It nourishes deep inside the wood, making it water resistant and silky smooth.

French Polishes

A skill to be learned and enjoyed. Build a deep, protective shine to re-create the look and feel of antique furniture.


Create beautiful and unusual pieces of work from rough planks and branches.

Varnish Finishes

When you varnish furniture you enhance the colour and the grain of the timber, whilst protecting it against staining, scratches and impact.

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